12 July, 2009

My Room Collection

Some of my works are hanging on the walls of my room. The pictures aren't very good, but you gain an insight into my works.

"obrigado por colaborar", brasil, 2009
- photomontage. A rejected concept for the Pretexto Exhibition.

"coringa I", brasil, 2007
- collage. see "coringa II"

"the presence is just a word, but I've photographed it", brasil, 2009
- ready made. here as xerography.

"hap schnapp", brasil, 2009
- collage. photo: pocket-camera picture, germany, 1986

"the other way around", brasil, 2008/09
- installation with photo.

"pola police polka", brasil, 2007
- collage. polaroids: berlin, germany, 2003/2004

"skyrunner", germany, 2005 + "in meinen augen ist dieses ding untanzbar", germany, 2003/05

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