15 July, 2009

My work for the Pretexto Exhibition.

I've shown my work hanging in the rooms of the Pretexto Exhibition.
Now I show the concept drawings of "A Ilusão" ("The Illusion") and the 4 pictures, which come out of the Polaroid cameras.

"A Ilusão" is an installation with two Polaroid cameras ( 635CL Supercolor and 630 Lightmixer) and 4 35mm C-prints in the size (each) 9x13cm.

The 1st concept: "Invasão das Fotografias" ("flood of pictures") :

"A Ilusão" is the 3rd option of "Invasão das Fotografias". The 2nd option I'll show perhaps in a solo exhibition*smile*.

The drawing of "A Ilusão":

The 4 35mm C-prints:

The work on the wall:

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