09 March, 2011

DIY: A Panoramic Camera - Part 1

The Icarette No. III A - 503 was a gift of my favorite used-camera-dealer.
But as you can see on the pictures, she is a mangled wreck, the bellows, the lens and the shutter are dead.
I've posted some pictures on flickr and became as feedback:"Ever going to repair it?"
A good question. Has this 86-year old camera really potential to repair or restaurate it?

Perhaps, but I've got another idea. I'll build a panoramic camera out of it.
My paragons are the Linhof 617SIII and the Fuji GX617.
There are some examples for selfmade panoramic cameras in the internet, here are the best:
_ 6x17 panorama camera project
_ Obsession 617
_ Wood 617

The image size of the ICA is 6.5x11cm, I'll modify it to 3.5x11cm or 4x11cm to gain a panorama format.

First I've asked my friends at the VFDKV-Forum and got helpful hints.

Now I'm searching for a Fujinon 5.6/90 SWD, a Nikkor SW 4.5/90, a Rodenstock Grandagon-N 4.5 or 6.8/90mm, a Schneider Kreuznach Super-Angulon 6.8/90 Classic or another wide-angle lens (90 - 105mm) for 4x5" or 9x12cm.

But before I'll start to build a panoramic camera I tuned the ICA with a selfmade Handgrip:

The wooden grip is from a fondue pan and the wooden sheet is a former kitchen utensil.
The tripod socket isn't an usual 1/4" diameter, 20 threads per inch (1/4-20), instead of this the diameter of the ICA tripod socket is much larger.
Therefore I've used an ordinary bolt and some spacers.

The finished ICA Panoramic Camera will be a homage to Miroslav Tichý and his wonderful self-made cameras. He is a visionary!
And a homage to the wonderful Prague Panoramas of Josef Sudek!

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