10 March, 2011

DIY: A Panoramic Camera - Part 2

Today just small updates.

First I removed cautiously the old bellows and the lens-shutter-unit from the camera body. I used a cutter to remove the bellows, which was stuck on the camera body.

After this I restored with Loctite a little bit the body covering. I don't want a new leather for the camera, 'cause I love the patina of the ICA.

The last thing was to adapt a strap to the ICA. I've took my old Pentax Strap, which I restored some time ago, 'cause the strap collapsed.
I used my Dremel to drill cautiously a hole into the wooden grip. A Dremel is better for these little things, 'cause you can dose the power of it much better than of a normal drilling machine. I twisted the hook bolt therewith the strap won't drop unintentionally.

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