14 March, 2011

DIY: A Panoramic Camera - Part 6

One of my schoolteachers always said:
"The most difficult questions have got the easiest responses. Never think too complicated!"

Therefore I've found a solution to the film-format-problem.

It was very simple. For the left side I've used two chopsticks:

The right side was a little bit more difficult, but I had a similar problem with my Zorki 4, 'cause I lost the take-up spool. At the Zorki I've used a piece of a spool for fax paper. But the fax spool is wider as the original spool, therefore I can only use films with maximal 24 frames.

For the ICA I cut the 120-spool and the fax-paper spool and stuffed the 120- into the fax paper-spool.

It works!
Yes, this is the Tichý-Style!

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