16 April, 2009

a broken lens works!

As I bought my Ricoh TLS 401 on a flea market, the salesman gave me with the camera and the original lens two trash lenses. Both are "Auto Exaktar"-lenses, made in Korea.
The first lens is a 2.8/35mm and the second lens is a 2.8/135mm.
Both lenses work only with the f-stop 2.8, the apertures are simply dead. I have a few lenses and so I didn't need them.

Some days later I had an idea. I took a hammer an crashed the front lenses of both lenses. Why did I do this? I just wanted another effect! Now I call them "Special FX"-lenses.

Many people think, that you can't take a photo with a damaged lens, but it works.
Here are two example shots with the "Special FX"-lenses. The camera I used was a Porst FX 4 (Praktica Nova 1b).
"temporary failure", germany, 2006

"nothing compares to you", germany, 2006

Both pictures shot at heavy frontlighting.

EDIT 27.10.2010:

With the Exaktar SFX 135 at the Praktica LTL3:

"eat my shorts", brasil, 2010

EDIT 28.04.2012:

See this post in Portuguese at Queimando Filme!

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