19 April, 2009

crashed films.

Sometimes a photo laboratory works really bad. And the results are very sad.

I've shown an example of a crashed film (a Kodak Portra 160VC) in an older post.

But the worst thing which happend to me, was that a laboratory developed two Ilford FP4+ films (it's a b/w-film) as C41 (it's just for color-films and a few special b/w-films). The result, you see scarcely anything on the negatives.
Here is an example scan from a "good" negative:

Yes it's a bike, my GT Ricochet. I used my Canon EOS 10 and the Canon 4-5.6/28-90mm lens.
I think, that the laboratory believe that all b/w-films are like the Ilford XP2 super 400 or like the Kodak BW400CN, because both films can be develop with C41. But even than the laboratory can do mistakes.
In this case I photographed on an old military cemetery in Hannover, Germany. It was winter and everywhere was snow. I used the Ilford XP2 super 400. The camera was the good old full mechanical Porst FX 4 (Praktica Nova 1b) with a Porst 2.8/55mm lens and a Sky-Filter.
I don't know what the laboratory did, but in this case it's the perfect thing which could happend. The scenario seems like after an atomic bomb catastrophe. The whole atmosphere gets a dramatic, depressive, disillusioned and morbid touch. I think it's a good picture against war!

Another film was an Agfa Portrait 160, okay here is only a part of the film trash:

Yes it's a girl. Here I used the Exa 1b with an Enna München Tele Ennalyt 3.5/135mm lens.

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