02 April, 2009

just painting with light, with low light.

"the affair with the light", germany, 2006

"nicht des lichts der sonne", germany, 2006

"es wird kein tag mehr sein", germany, 2006

"es wird nichts mehr sein", germany, 2006

"die stadt bedarf keiner sonne", germany, 2006

"ihre leuchte ist das wasser", germany, 2006

"ich sah einen neuen himmel", germany, 2006

The first picture I shot with a 1954s Agfa Silette on an Agfa XRG 200. Also i used a tripod and a cable release.

The last 6 pictures I shot with a Carena 35F, a simple fix-focus camera, on an expired Agfa Vista 400.

You don't need a very expensive camera for an extraordinary picture. You just need phantasy and a vivid imagination!
that's all!

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